An Introduction

Once upon a time, there was a girl who liked to write.

This girl then went off to college and blogged about her life there. She revealed her identity and her school, thinking nothing of it, and before she knew it, people from her school were following her. It began with a few friends, then spread to floormates and classmates and even staff. Soon, her very school was following her too, and before she knew it, every word she wrote was watched, and every thought of hers had to be filtered and limited before it was published. Everyone knew the face behind the posts, and her blog was no longer a place where she could speak freely; it was more like being on display in a zoo.

That girl is me, and this is my new blog.

I’m a college student, and I like to write about my life and times here at school. Whether it’s about my classes, my life in the dorms, my school, or anything and everything in between, I like to observe what goes on around me and jot it down. I also like having the freedom to  write what I want, and I’ve learned that, in order to do that, anonymity is key. I suppose, once I get the ball rolling, I’ll come up with a nickname for myself. Or you can come up with one for me. But in the meantime, I’m just an anonymous girl with all the words in the world.

Nice to meet you, readers. These are my stories. Cheers! 🙂


Your Thoughts

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