A Fresh Start, and Textbooks

Apologies, first off, for the wide gap between the first post and now. I’ve been on Christmas break this entire time, and, as this blog is about my college stories, there wasn’t much for me to write about. I spent my time working at my old job back home, and I have about $300 to my name right now, not counting my upcoming paycheck. It’s nice to have some money again; granted, it’s all probably going towards my textbooks, but more on that in a bit.

I wish I could say that my transition from high school to college was smooth and flawless. Some parts of it went better than others; I wasn’t as utterly homesick as I thought I would be, and while it took a bit of time, I eventually made some wonderful friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world. (You’ll hear about them later on.) So, on that front, things went well.

However, where it mattered most was where I also stumbled most. Academically, I was still stuck in an I-can-coast-through-with-minimal-effort-like-it’s high-school mindset. That, I found out, was not the case, and my first semester grades were less than satisfactory. But here I am, a few days before the start of my second semester, mentally cranked up to hardcore study mode and ready to take on the workload like a college student should. The next four months will see me spending most of my daylight hours (and beyond, possibly) settled deep in the library, making up for that not-so-great first semester.

Now, textbooks. As I mentioned before, I have about $300+ earned from working over Christmas break. Because there will always be a part of me that feels utterly guilty that my parents are paying my tuition, I decided I would use my own money for my textbooks. Renting them all from the university bookstore would have cost me around $405. Thankfully, there’s an independent bookstore on campus that not only sells and rents out all the necessary books for each course, but gives you the option of renting a new book or renting a used book, saving you even more money. I’m not picky, and frankly, I can’t afford to be. By deciding to rent all used books, I brought my total cost for textbooks to approximately $275. How glorious is that?! Plus, I still haven’t resold my first semester books, so that’ll be just a tad more cash coming in (though not nearly enough). I have never experienced a greater joy than that of saving my money.

All that’s left this weekend is for me to start packing up my things again. Believe me, after a month of happily residing in my own home again, it’s very hard to suddenly cram all my things back into my bags and haul back off to college. It’s almost like I’m back at move-in day all over again. But time carries forth whether we’re ready to crawl along with it or not, and so all I can do is prepare myself for what’s up ahead.

Until next time!

Cheers. 🙂


One thought on “A Fresh Start, and Textbooks

  1. Hi there! I noticed you had followed my blog, so I came to check yours out. I can certainly sympathize with you here. I remember having the exact same attitude about studying! Great start to your blog! 🙂

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