Things I Forgot to Mention: Sushi!

Sometimes, I sit at my computer, attempting to write a blog post before I realize my life is boring and nothing happens. Other times, I sit at my computer and realize, I forgot to blog about this! Welcome, then, to my short series of blog posts in which I write about things that happened to me over the course of the week that I didn’t mention.


I tried actual sushi for the first time! I’ve had the simple stuff like California rolls before, but this time, I went out with a couple of friends (and non-friends…) to this award winning sushi place in the city, and I got the real deal!

My friends and I didn’t plan this outing; instead, it was one of my friends’ floormates, and for some odd reason, he had us go around 3pm. Being an off-peak dining hour, the place was empty, and we became its only occupants. Being a large group of teens, the manager changed the music from classy jazz piano (which, may I add, we were all jamming to anyway) to what sounded like an uncensored club mix of Top 40s music. A bit bizarre, to say the least, especially when the unedited version of Enrique Iglesias’ “Tonight I’m F***in’ You” came on and we all were startled by the loud, unmuted usage of the f-bomb.

The others chose the sushi, as I had no idea what to pick. Of what I remember, we got California rolls, Philadelphia rolls, and Las Vegas Maki. I ended up trying one of everything, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least. Sushi, my friends, is good.

All in all, I learned that I cannot use chopsticks (and may never learn), I probably don’t know how to eat sushi properly (can I pick it up? Do I bite it or try to fit the whole thing in my mouth?) and that trying new things is completely worth it. I also admit that, since that day, I’ve been craving some more sushi…


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