Lint Rolling

If you bring a rug to college, make sure your roommate is bald.

I decided to bring an area rug from home to add some flair to my dorm room. I like the way it looks and I’ve gotten good comments for it. What I never expected, however, was how much I would have to take care of it here. I have a tiny vacuum cleaner, and it tends to do the job pretty well on the overall room carpeting. However, the rug is a different story.

The vacuum I have is small, and it doesn’t really have the suction of a high-quality vacuum. It can’t really pick up little bits off the rug, though, and it definitely can’t pick up clumps of hair.

And my roommate sheds. 

I could tell it was mostly her and not me because the big clumps of hair were concentrated on her side, not mine. Not to mention, when I decided to run a pocket-sized lint roller over the rug, the hairs that came up were light-colored, meaning they belonged to her, not me. (Also, that was a slightly disgusting thing to do, running a tiny lint roller over a forest of hair clumps. But anyway.) As much as I tried, the vacuum wouldn’t pick it up. So, I had to invest in a pet-grade (pet-grade, I tell you) large-area lint roller. Being a poor college student, I went for the cheaper hand roller over the “Sticky Mop” with the telescoping handle–it looked cool, though.

As soon as my roommate left for class today, I took out my vacuum and cleaned up as much as I could. Then came the yucky part–the lint rolling.

Pause. Why am I doing this? Why don’t I tell my roommate to clean up instead? Because that would be awkward, that’s why.

I spent approximately 45 minutes on hands and knees, rolling and rolling over my rug. The first few rolls pulled up enough hair to make a wig for a few Barbie dolls. It was gross. Good thing I’d nicked a few plastic gloves over winter break from work, I didn’t have to touch any of this with my bare hands. It took a while, but, being the budding clean freak that I am, I got the rug nice and clean again. One semester’s worth of hair and other weird gunk, GONE. From now on, I’m running the roller biweekly to keep my mania under control.

Such is the dorm life.


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