Study Groups (and why they make me queasy)

I’m an introvert. To many, being an introvert is synonymous with being antisocial, which I don’t believe at all. I’m quiet in social situations, I like having a sizeable chunk of alone time (reading a book is a one-person activity), and I have a small but tight-knit group of friends. This doesn’t mean I dislike people, or that I want to spend all of my time in solitude (I mean, conversation is hard to carry out with just one person); it just means that I’m not as gregarious as the next person, really. I’ll step out of my comfort zone when I must, but when I needn’t, I keep to myself, and I go on with my pleasant little life.

But I’ll admit, there are a few instances where I can’t reconcile with the hermit inside of me, and one of the things that I can’t bring myself to like is studying with others. Continue reading


Facebook for Flashcards

It’s been one week since Ash Wednesday, which means I’ve been logged off from Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for that same amount of time. I honestly expected withdrawal symptoms: desperation, insatiable craving, maybe even some twitching. But… it’s been nothing like that.

It could be that, with my midterms coming up (or rather, already barreling at me), I haven’t even had the time to put down my textbooks and flashcards to think about logging on to my social media sites–which, might I add, I’m currently addicted to making flashcards, but more on that later. Even if I wanted to, I made sure to have a friend change my Facebook password, and I have StayFocusd installed on my browser to block off the three trouble sites anyway. But even with all these measures, I haven’t even really thought about trying to check my News Feed. This was easier than I thought.

Social media is a very good and very well-intentioned commodity of our time, but it’s so easy to cross over from using it as a means of communication to turning it into another bottomless time drain. There were nights last semester where I would just sit at my computer scrolling mindlessly through my accounts before realizing it was 1am or later, by which time my eyes would be red and burning and I would slink off to bed, mounds of homework left uncompleted. Such has not been the case lately; after disconnecting, I suddenly found myself with oodles (fun word!) of time, and loads of studying that could fill all that time. The difference has been unbelievable. My grades have skyrocketedContinue reading

The Undergrad vs. Thirsty Thursday (and Snow)

My school offers an on-campus shuttle service after 5pm, and bless them for it. One simply calls the student safety department, asks for a shuttle to their location, and then hops on the van or bus that comes. They’ll take you anywhere–yes, they’ll even drive you insanely short distances (like from one street to the other) without question, though there’s no guarantee that they won’t glare at you for such a silly request. But most people who request a shuttle are usually going a farther distance and don’t feel this silent wrath of the otherwise very friendly student drivers.

I was at the library tonight, which is only three blocks from my dorm. Usually I’ll walk, but because I was wearing an incredibly thin jacket and thus ill-prepared for the snowstorm that had just begun (not to mention it’s dark out and I’m a very small girl walking all alone), I figured it was in my best interest to call a shuttle. After a few minutes of wait, one came, though it parked on the opposite side of the road. Even though my dorm is on the east side, I took this westbound van, thinking it would drop off the few passengers it held before turning around and taking me home in a matter of minutes. I was mistaken. Continue reading

Pretending to Grow Up


Rushing between my two morning classes, I made a quick pit stop at my school’s coffeeshop for my morning caffeine fix. This week has seen me studying hours upon hours upon hours, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay fully alert without some joe. Being 9:15am, the place was bustling and I was a little crunched for time myself. Quickly, I ordered a skim latte and a carton of milk, and as soon as my beverage was ready I dashed off to my next class. It wasn’t until I took my first sip that I realized, in my lethargy, that I hadn’t ordered a sugary drink, and I’d failed to add my own.

To drink this bitter cup, or to toss $4 straight into the trash and risk nodding off in the middle of my history lecture?

Like a  child eating mashed peas in her high chair, I squeezed my eyes shut and took a big gulp, hoping to get this ordeal over with as fast as I could.

Continue reading

Laundry and Summer School

I’m sitting in my dorm’s laundry room, waiting as my clothes wash up. It’s second semester and yet I’ve never done laundry at school, partly because I live close enough to home that I would just take it and wash it for free every two or so weeks, and partly because I was nervous that I wouldn’t know how to do it on my own anyway. As it turns out, I’ve simply been silly. This isn’t hard to do at all. One point for the pint-sized, developing adult right here.

Now, onto a story that has nothing to do with spin cycles: I’ve decided to enroll in summer school. It certainly feels strange; as a kid, summer school always had a negative connotation. It was the place where all the remedial kids went to try and catch up on their failed studies so as to avoid repeating the second grade again. Now, of course, I realize that isn’t necessarily the case; summer school can be, and is, a good thing, regardless of the reason why you’re there. Continue reading

You’re in Ohio?

My roommate left to visit her boyfriend in Ohio. She took a plane today and is staying there over the weekend. Of course, I’ve learned all of this via overhearing and other indirect means, like happening to glance at her calendar which read, “Visiting John!!!” amid little pink hearts.

But assuming I hadn’t seen that, and assuming I hadn’t been to subject to overhearing her high-volumed conversations with her friends and our floormates, I would truthfully have no idea where she was going, or even the simple fact that she was going anywhere in the first place.

My. Roommate. Tells. Me. Nothing.

I have no idea why she feels the need to not tell me anything. I don’t know when this communication blockade began. We talk, but say nothing meaningful. I’m not even asking for details, simply for a courteous notification that she’ll be out. I never know these things, though. She has, on repeated occasion, failed to tell me she was sleeping in her friends’ room, leading to me sleeping with the lights half on and the door wide open, thinking she was to come back. If I can’t be notified of small moments like these, sure I can’t expect to be informed of her interstate, off-campus excursions.

Sometimes, I’m tempted to put out a missing persons’ alert on her.

It doesn’t upset me, it just irritates me. And sometimes, this irritation (piled with the annoyance that stems from the other annoying things she does) leads me to make nasty plans and schemes to get back at her (see Roommate Confessions on, they crack me up), but being a firm believer that what goes around comes around, I refrain from doing so. I mean, I suppose I could have it worse. She isn’t a crackwhore. She’s just annoying. And sometimes she says things that make me want to bash my head against my desk and weep for the future of humanity. I suppose, in the end, none of this merits me hiding Ziploc baggies of molding cheese in her drawers (yes, I’ve considered it).

Alright, enough of this ranting for now.

Adorably Caffeinated

Dear Barney, Robin, Lily, Marshall & Ted:

You used to make me laugh every week. We had some great moments, you and me. Those times I almost peed my pants. The episodes I watched over and over again. The Pineapple, the Duel, the Slutty Pumpkin, the Goat… Sandcastles in the Sand and Let’s Go to the Mall had me rolling on the floor. All the hints and flash forwards kept me interested, trying to figure out if we had met the mother yet and who she could be. Every week I would be so excited for the new episode. And then you started changing on me.

The focus shifted. It was no longer about Ted. And frankly, that was okay. Lily, Marshall, Barney & Robin had become more interesting. Ted, you started getting on my nerves. This break up is mostly your fault. You can’t complain about how you want…

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