NaBloPoMo? Allons-y.

So I hear BlogHer does a little blogging challenge called National Blog Posting Month. The concept is simple: you post once a day every day for an entire month.

“But my dear writer,” you say, “can you handle churning out a blog post every day, what with your corpulent college workload?” (And you’re perfectly right if you think this isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It certainly isn’t.)


I’ve tried for several years now to do NaNoWriMo, and have failed miserably each time. I’d like to be able to say I finished at least one NaNoSomething in my life, just for my own personal pride. And really, I think it’ll be good for me; March consists of the majority of Lent, meaning I’ll be Facebook-Tumblr-Twitter-less this entire month. I need something to take up those spare moments when I’m off in a corner of my dorm eating string cheese and hoping my brain recovers from all the textbook warfare I put it through.

This isn’t a challenge. This is therapy. 

I feel slightly famous.

I’m confident that I can come up with a story for every day. Loads of things happens to me, day in and day out. Just the other day, a particularly skeezy-looking homeless man yelled at me in the street when I was unable to recite the Preamble to the US Constitution. (True story, by the way. I can produce several witnesses.)

I mean, who knows? Maybe this is my springboard to fame; maybe I’ll get a million readers overnight and become an Internet sensation. Maybe some rich, blog-reading, heirless old lady will find me endearing and take it upon herself to pay for the rest of my studies. (Tuition + room and board set the cost of my yearly education at over $43K, and I plan to get into law school later. Get crackin’, Fairy Godmother.) Or maybe none of this will happen. That’s the likelier outcome, and that’s fine. Fame isn’t everything. I just like jotting my thoughts.

Ultimately, I’m just in this to get–and keep–my creative juices at a steady simmer, and to prove that I can complete a self-guided writing challenge for once. (Writing is fun, I’m just lazy.) And to keep my favorite Minnesotan happy. She seemed highly delighted by the thought of a daily blog post delivered to her inbox. I must oblige.

Expect greatness, mes amis. Cheers!


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