Housekeeping Saturday

My friends all left for the weekend. And yes, I have few enough friends that this can happen. So, being on my own on campus, I figured I had to fill up my time with something; sitting mindlessly like a lump in my dorm wasn’t something I wanted to do for two days.

Sometimes, when my mom is bored on the weekends, she starts deep-cleaning the house. I gave the same method a try. I spent a good eight hours working hard, being productive. I actually feel pretty awesome.

Since when did become the neat-freak roommate?

First, I did laundry–-all of it. There isn’t a single piece of worn clothes left on my side of the dorm, except for what I’m wearing now. Side note: you know those people with the condition where they pile up, say, mounds of dirty dishes because they don’t want to mess up their spotless sink? (Are they considered hoarders? I don’t know. I saw it on an Oprah episode. Anyway.) I’m kind of feeling like that now; I’m so proud of the fact that I washed all my clothes on my own that I don’t want to wear any of it now and dirty it all again. Can I just wear these leggings and this red dolman top for the rest of the week? They’re soft enough to sleep in, but stylish enough to be casual attire. Can’t I just re-wear this six more times? Is that acceptable? (No, it really isn’t. I won’t do it. Deep sigh.)

This is my hamper. This is its state.

Next, I put my clean clothes away. Not much of a feat, you say? Not meretricious enough to deserve its own paragraph? Au contraire, I must say. Usually I hang up my knits in the wardrobe and shove everything in a big heap into my dresser drawers. Not today! I folded everything neatly and even categorized it in nice, neat piles. Categorized, I tell you.

Then I vacuumed the room and lint-rolled the rug. (See: Lint Rolling)

My rug. I try to keep it pristine. It's a hard task.

Finally, I washed my dishes. I’d already washed some earlier in the week, but I went ahead and washed the two forks sitting on top of my fridge, leaving every dish in my possession squeaky clean. (That hoarder feeling I mentioned about my laundry? Yeah, it’s happening here too.)

I know what you’re thinking: Shut up, Undergrad. No one cares about your boring cleaning habits. Here’s the thing, though: this isn’t like me at all. Ask any of my family members, and they’ll tell you that I’m an utterly lazy slob. I don’t make the bed, I don’t wash my own dishes (much less anyone else’s), and sometimes (much of the time…all the time?) I can’t even get my clothes to land in the laundry hamper. I was (am, still) very aware of my bad habits before coming to college, and I was terrified that I was going to be that roommate, the slob that every student fears to live with. So I went the other direction, and not only do I try to keep an orderly side of the room on a daily basis, I have these outbursts where I expunge every last bit of dust from the room.

Me too, Hyperbole and a Half. Me too.

I’m all done cleaning now. There’s only so much you can do in a roughly 15′x8′ space. Even so, I was still feeling energetic after all of that (probably a result of the Pepsi Max I’ve been sipping all day… did you know it’s 0 calories and double the caffeine as a regular Pepsi?! And yes, I basically just plugged a Pepsi product. SPONSOR MEEEEEEE.) But anyway, now I’ve taken on the Floor Mom role and I’m making some of my newly-famous (at least, among my neighbors) No-Bake Energy Bites! The recipe isn’t my own (here it is!) but I’ve become pretty pro at making them, and they were a hit with everyone I gave them to. I love making treats but I’ve had some hits and misses, so it makes me happy when they come out well, and ecstatic when people rave about them and ask for more. (True story!)

I could talk on and on about making these, but I think I’ll save that for another post. I think this one went on long enough, don’t you?



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