March Madness?

“Hey! March Madness! You following your school’s basketball team?”

“Sure am! We’re [very good ranking] in the nation right now!”

“Awesome! Well, keep me posted on how you guys do!”

“Sure thing!”

Sheepishly, I turn to look at my phone as my conversation partner walks away. The only reason I know where my school’s basketball team is ranked is because I Googled it.

My school is Division I, and yes, we’ve been swept up into March Madness. But no, the fact that I attend my school doesn’t mean I’ve become a hardcore basketball fan, much less a knowledgeable aficionada on any level, be it NCAA or NBA or even my local high school’s league. I know my university’s ranking in the nation, and I know our win/loss record, and I’m following our progress through the bracket, but I only know all of this because I look it up every day before I step out of the house, because I know people are going to ask me about it and I don’t want to admit that I don’t actually know what I’m saying.

I do feel a little guilty and I wish I could follow the sport better than I do. I’m banking on next year being my year of change in that regard. By senior year I’ll be spitting out stats better than… um… well, I’ll be really good. Trust me.

I would keep you updated on how my school is doing, but that could lead you to, through process of elimination, figuring out what school I attend; in fact, I already feel like I’ve revealed more than enough over the course of my blogging. Sorry, my tootsies, but I am not letting that happen. (Nothing personal, of course; last time people figured out who I was and where I went, I started receiving a bit of unwelcome attention on campus. Best to avoid that again.)

Just know that I am watching the tournament play out. And if you ask me if I’ve been watching my team play, I’ll say yes. And if you ask me what I think of so-and-so beating so-and-so, I’ll just smile and shrug and fail to give a clear response.

Finally, if anyone wants to teach me the ways of basketball spectating, please, feel free to enlighten me. 😀



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