Severe Weather Alert

That’s right, ladies and gents, I’m experiencing some pretty severe weather all up in this joint. I think I’m going to start stocking up my canned goods and hiding out in my bomb shelter to wait this out.

The Weather Channel does not lie.

In all seriousness, though, it is gorgeous out. The sun is shining, there’s a light breeze, and the air is deliciously warm. Global warming? Oh you bet. I’m concerned, certainly, but I’m not going to deny that this weather, while utterly unnatural, is still highly enjoyable.

You know what actually scared about the above forecast, however? Notice the bottom, “Daylight Remaining.” There are only 6.5 hours of sunlight left today. Granted, if it were winter, that number would probably be closer to 3.5. But still. Six hours. Where has my day gone? What have I done with it? Oh my goodness. I feel like I’ve wasted it.


4 thoughts on “Severe Weather Alert

  1. Go outside and enjoy the day. Chicago weather today is 83 degrees. I took my books and walked to the beach where I did my homework. I’ll admit it was hard to concrete on my reading but I enjoyed the sun on face.

    • I think my friends and I are going to get dinner to go tonight and we’re eating outside. You should see campus! There are people EVERYWHERE, lots of them just lying down on the grass and taking in the sun.

  2. Oh, enjoy it! We have negative twenties and it was colder than I appreciated when we were outside. I wouldn’t want to live where it’s nice every day because then I feel guilty for not getting out and enjoying the day, but when it’s gorgeous every once in a while, that is the best.

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