Whenever I get a new follower (it’s a rather infrequent occasion), I usually don’t just lean back in my chair thinking, “Awwwww yeah, I’m so baller.” (Actually, I never refer to myself as a baller. Not ever.) Instead, I pick up my laptop and go, “Whyyyyyyyyyyy. I don’t understand why you are following me. I am not an interesting person. What have I done to deserve this?!”

It’s not that I’m not grateful; quite on the contrary, I’m very, very, very happy that people actually think I’m follow-worthy. (Hugs for you all!) I just underestimate myself. But all the same, thanks peeps. I’m glad you’re sticking aroung.


3 thoughts on “Followers

  1. College is such a crazy neat wonderful time. My roommate would wake up every morning and exercise and make it to all her classes on time. When she’d come home from the store, she’d place her nice little brown bag that was FOLDED at the top on the counter and she’d slowly unfold it and put things away. I just didn’t connect with her.

    Your post on roommates reminded me of that crazy absurd time and I decided to follow.

    • Oh my, that definitely sounds like a quality roommate right there.

      I actually was watching basketball with my roommate tonight. I was torn between snickering at her comments or just bashing my head on the desk. Haha!

  2. This is funny especially since I just now added you to my google reader, and I’m secretly enjoying watching you freak out about it.

    I’m joking. I’m not that mean (to strangers).

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