A Saturday Adventure

My friends and I decided to take on the slightly inclement weather again, and we hopped on a bus and headed off campus. I’ll let you know from the start, our adventures have generally consisted of eating. đŸ˜€

First we were at Urban Outfitters, where, as always, I was fascinated by all the quirky books and drinkware. They were selling Mindy Kaling’s book, and I decided to leaf through it while my friends looked through the clothes. I love watching Mindy on the office (Kelly Kapoor is absolutely hilarious) and I’d always been curious to see how her book was. Within minutes, I was stifling laughter; it’s incredibly witty! It was selling for list price at Urban Outfitters, which is almost $10 more than B&N’s price. I think I’m going to go ahead and buy it later.

Soon to be added to my bookshelf!

After Urban Outfitters, we went to have an early dinner at a local deli/market/cafe place. Their cuisine and stock leans more in the healthy, organic direction. When I come to cafes, I usually go for hot sandwiches, but something on the menu caught my attention: a sweet potato and black bean burrito. Thinking it was a really strange but intriguing mix, I decided to order it.


Oven roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, Mexican rice, and guacamole, all wrapped in a flour tortilla and served with a creamy lime sauce on the side. Am I making your mouth water yet?

Just outside our cafe, at the end of the street, was a walk-up donut stand.

Yes, you read that right. Walk-up donut stand. They say it’s a hidden jewel in this neighborhood, and even though my belly was packed with my sweet potato burrito, I knew I had to get some donuts for the road. A small bag of six mini donuts, covered in either powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar, was only $1.75; when we opened the bag, however, we realized we had almost nine donuts each! One of my friend thinks the young cashier had the hots for all of us. Whatever the reason, we got extra donuts, and that’s nothing to complain about, in my opinion!

Yum yum yum yum yum yum...

So, how were these donuts, you ask? Let me phrase it like this: these donuts make me believe that God truly exists. Really. They were GLORIOUS. Angels should have been singing when I took that first bite. They were freshly made and so hot that the dough nearly melted in my mouth as I ate it. As we walked block after block with these babies in hand, one of my friends and I couldn’t stop raving about how amazing they were. Even now, I’m finding it hard to restrain myself from just gobbling them all up. They’re open until 2:30am on weekends, and my friends and I have considered making a late-night donut run sometime soon. They’re that good.

Overall, still an excellent weekend behind me. Now I’m just kicking back and resting, settling in with my boys Sam and Dean Winchester. I love going out and spending a great day with awesome friends, but it’s always so nice to come back home and relax after an adventure.


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