North Side Dinner

Note: I just realized I forgot to post this last night; I came back to my room to fold my laundry, and then I just sort of went off and did other stuff. Either way, here’s this post.

I’ve come to realize that I blog better while doing laundry; this is the third post I’ve composed sitting beside some churning washing machines. I know, you’re probably wondering why I’m doing laundry on a Friday night. Fear not! I actually did some cool stuff today! Also, half my building is out on the town getting their drink on (illegally), so the washers are all free. I’m pouncing on that.

There’s a sushi/thai fusion place on the north side of the city that my friends and I had been wanting to try for quite a while now. The weather today has been a little inclement, but all the same, we decided to finally go out and try it. We hopped on the bus and headed out there.

We got to the place within the half-hour, and we were seated at a table near an older couple.

“Are you from [our school]?” the man asked, turning to look at us. When we confirmed that we were he mentioned that he and his wife were alums.

“We met there,” the wife said, smiling. “We were in the same philosophy class. First day of class, the professor made us both stand up in front of the class.”

“He used us as an example and pretended to marry us,” the man said. “Turns out, we got married after all.”

It was possibly one of the most adorable love stories I’d ever heard.

The couple was soon off on their way, and we were left with the task of ordering some good sushi for dinner. After studying the menu, we got spicy shrimp rolls, spider rolls, and the Big City roll (which consisted of shrimp tempura, cream cheese, spicy masago mayo, scallions, avocado, tempura crumbs, unagi sauce, wasabi mayo). Let me tell you, this sushi ended being glorious. Especially the Big City roll. Oh my. I can’t even stop thinking about it. It was incredible.

I didn't even remember to take a picture until AFTER we'd devoured these. Oops. I'll try and restrain myself next time I come.

Afterwards, we walked down the street to a hipster coffee shop. No really. Very hipster. The barista had some impressive gauges, everything was served in a reusable mug, and there  was even a Buddha statue on the upper level. I’m not exactly sure how I felt about the barista’s somewhat aloof attitude, but I suppose I can get past that. I got an Aztec Hot Chocolate, which was a really good take on traditional Mexican hot chocolate.

I was very tempted to steal this mug.

Oh, my kingdom for a tablet of Moctezuma chocolate and a molinillo right now.

Overall, a very good night. Saturday holds more in store; my friends and I are heading back up for a second adventure to a different locale. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “North Side Dinner

    • Oh believe me, I dove straight into that whipped cream with just my finger. Probably a bit un-classy but it was so good! 😀

      I wonder if they would’ve sold me that mug. Maybe I’ll ask next time…

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