I’ve been accused of complaining too much about my roommate. I stopped to wonder if perhaps my reneging was indeed excessive.

I’m sitting here with my headphones blasting at dangerously loud levels, and I can still hear her and my floormate a few feet away from me making weird noises (“Ahhh!” “Raaaaaawr!” Raaaaahhhhhh!” “Urrrrrrr!”). Also, my floor (well, her half, I vacuumed mine) is currently littered with a disgusting amount of hairballs (from her head, yes) and popcorn crumbs. It’s so gross. And I have to live with this.

Yeah. I’m not apologizing for my complaints. There are people who have it far better than me and complain a whole deal more. I’ll do what I please.¬†Deal with it.


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