Housing Fiascoes

Tonight was sophomore rooming selection day. My friends and I had our hearts set on getting a quad in our gorgeous tower dormitory ever since the end of last semester, and we had our fingers crossed and high hopes that we would get our coveted quad.

Yeah. Didn’t happen. Nowhere near that.

Sign up times were randomly generated; if at least one of us had gotten a 4pm slot, we all could have been able to sign up for our quad. Unfortunately, our best time slot among us was a 6pm slot, by which time all our possibilities were gone. The quad was no longer a possibility, so we had to resort to splitting into doubles. No problem, right?

There was a girl (let’s call her The Girl) sitting at our table, a recent addition to our circle of friends. She had no one to room with and was trying to score a room on her own with a random roommate; problem as, people seeking random roommates had to go after people with planned roommates. Meanwhile, my two friends who were rooming together were about to sign up for a double, but before they could, we all felt pity for this girl who wouldn’t be able to get the room she wanted.

“Do you want to do a triple with us?” one of them offered The Girl. After considering and deliberating, they finally came to the agreement that they would live in a triple in a building that my two friends wanted, but that The Girl didn’t. The Girl figured it was better to live with people she liked over the building she preferred. All was well, and now my prospective roommate and I just had to wait for our sign-up time to come so we could get our room. Happiness abounded.

Our time came, and my friend and I went to sign up for our room. As we searched for rooms, The Girl came to see what we were doing. We noted that were still rooms in the building The Girl had wanted, and we (being independent from her) were going to get that room.

The Girl threw a temper tantrum, telling us she would be absolutely pissed if we got the room she wanted instead of going to live in the other building. But my friend and I really wanted this room; besides, it wasn’t our fault she’d gotten herself into a situation she didn’t want. Plus… hadn’t she been happy to get a triple with our other two friends?

It had only been approximately two hours since the triple had been convened, and now this girl was, very angrily, demanding to pull out. Do note, our rooms were locked in. We couldn’t all just log in and redo our rooming. So here were two of my friends suddenly thrown into a dilemma, trying to figure out how they were going to resolve this issue, and whether they would even be allowed to move anymore.

I had just met The Girl this week and I’d immediately thought she was awesome; we even hung out several times this weekend, and I was happy because I thought I’d made a new friend. Honestly, the fact that she so royally screwed over my friends… I doubt I can even really look at her anymore.

I’m also a little worried now because I’m beginning to have doubts about my own housing selection. I’m more than happy to have the roommate that I do; she’s awesome. But do I want the building that I chose? But do I want to make my roommate move for my sake? So many frustrations are bubbling up. If only we’d gotten our quad; then we’d all be happy.

We’re going to see how we can figure this out tomorrow. But it’s looking rough.


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