Last Night

My roommate left to go study at the library with a friend around 9pm. She usually averages a good three hours there, so I decided, around 10:30, to go to bed early so as to get a good night’s sleep and be completely under once she returned so she wouldn’t disturb me.

Around 11:45, my roommate came back. How do I know this, if I was asleep? As it turns out, while I was sleeping, she came back, set her things down, and went back out into the hallway… closing the door behind her and effectively leaving her keys in the room. Realizing this, she began to knock on the door, hoping I would wake. I don’t know how long she’d been knocking before my brain actually reacted to the sound, but when I did wake, I simply lay in bed, thinking to myself, No. No way am I getting up. This is not my problem. Go get the lock-out key from the front desk. I’m asleep. I can’t hear you. Stop knocking! But she didn’t stop. For a good ten minutes, she stood outside, knocking and knocking and calling my name in hopes that I would wake up. Finally, annoyed, I had no choice but to get up and open the door.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” she said as she walked in.

I said nothing and just went back to bed, more than a bit irritated. She left again, this time taking her keys with her and propping the door slightly. I didn’t care, so long as she didn’t directly bother me again.

For a few hours, I was stuck in that weird limbo where you’re not really awake, but you’re still somewhat aware of what’s going on around you. Through my closed eyelids, I detected that she’d come back, because her desk light was suddenly on. Usually light doesn’t disturb me, but this particular one jarred me awake all the same. I pulled my fleece blanket over my face to block out the light, but I could still hear her as she, at what must’ve been 2 or 3am (I had no clock near me to see) putting her damn silverware away. Why she felt the urge to put her spoons back in her drawer at an ungodly hour is beyond me. Was she afraid that her dish and spoon were actually going to elope? I don’t know. But there I was, half-awake, subjected to my roommate’s late-night activity.

Eventually, it got to be too much, and I got out of bed and stormed out of there for a few minutes. Waiting in the floor lounge for my annoyance to subside, I finally returned after fifteen minutes. The lights were out, and she was in bed.

I made sure to slam my door as hard as I could on my way in, and as I made it back to my bed, I may have knocked over a few loud-sounding things on “accident”. But even that wasn’t enough to make my anger pass; I still ended up lying awake in bed until 5am, and morning saw me rising with a terrible headache.

All I can say is, I feel sincerely sorry for the poor soul who gets to room with this girl next year.


3 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. So thankful I never had to have a roommate when I was in college! I feel your pain. I did have to have one the first summer I worked in Yellowstone National Park, but thankfully that was only for three months. We had absolutely nothing in common.

    Happy April NaBloPoMo! I’m going posts that cover teaching, writing, and traveling.

    • Happy April NaBloPoMo to you too! 🙂

      And you’re lucky! Having a randomly assigned roommate has really been something of an experience this year. I’ll have a roommate next year too but luckily she’s a friend this time. Until then… just over a month left with this one. 😛

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