Starbucks vs. My Dorm

Kids (and for some reason, I always hear the word “kids” in Bob Saget’s HIMYM voice), make sure you check your syllabus every day and/or keep you calendar updated with deadlines and test dates for each class. Otherwise, it’ll be 7pm on a Monday night and, as you flip through the pages of your just-arrived Mindy Kaling book (yes, it finally arrived!), your guardian angel will suddenly smack you upside the head and go, “Yo, lazyface, you have a 100-question theology exam tomorrow.”

[Insert four-letter word here. And sure, “cats” or “pony” are both acceptable options.]My roommate just left for the library, meaning I’m left with the room to myself for a few hours. As I dug up my bible and theology notes, I debated whether I should go out to study or stay in my room to do so. I knew that I needed coffee for this study session, and I wasn’t really craving the java from my school’s cafe; I needed quality stuff.

So, to study at Starbucks or in my dorm?



  • Starbucks is halfway across campus, and I’m too lazy to walk.
  • Starbucks is halfway across campus, meaning I’ll have to walk back to my dorm in the dark past both of the shadiest bus stops in the area
  • I’d have to shell out precious money on pricey joe
  • Today could be the day that none of the beautiful baristas are on shift, and I’d be stuck staring at the balding blonde shift manager who, while friendly, isn’t much of a sight


  • Delicious coffee blended with all those fatty syrups and milks and sugars that I love so much
  • Beautiful baristas to stare at when I’m taking a quick study break
  • No distractions (except for the beautiful baristas)
  • Maybe I might meet my future husband there. I could be that nerdy-but-somehow-cute girl with her nose buried deep in a book, and some handsome prince charming could take an interest in me and buy me coffee and then we start some big whirlwind love story… (okay, this is a huge stretch. But hey. A nerd can dream.)

My Dorm


  • My bed is within arm’s reach of my desk. I could easily give up and slink off to bed before my studying is finished.
  • So many distractions (TV, computer, the loud girls singing One Direction songs in the hallway)
  • No cute baristas.
  • My roommate will come back eventually


  • I have a coffeemaker, a Sam’s Club ration of Folgers coffee grounds, just under a pound of sugar, and a brand new bottle of vanilla coffee creamer. Unlimited caffeine, and free.
  • I can work in my jammies; no need to impress anyone in here!
  • I won’t have to worry about forgetting things like my laptop charger or my pink highlighter
  • I can play music out loud, rather than confining myself to headphones

I think the free coffee argument is pushing me to opt for my dorm. I think I’m going to stay here.

And on that note, toodle-oo, loves. I have the next twelve hours to conquer this theology material.


Your Thoughts

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