My Logic Prof Wears Jeans and Other Tuesday Anomalies

My Logic Professor Wears Jeans

I don’t really know what I was expecting in that department; after all, he’s also a grad student here at my school, and can’t be older than 25, I’d say. All the same, it was startling to run into him on my way back to my dorm from class and find him wearing jeans and sneakers and toting about a backpack. For a moment, I think, I regressed to my five-year-old self that believed teachers lived in the school and didn’t walk out into the real world. Somehow, I just always pictured my professor as, well, a dressed-up college professor, not your average twenty-something guy walking through a college campus wearing denim.

My Roommate Vacuums

“Hey [me], where’s your vacuum?”

Not looking up from my book (I love Mindy Kaling, okay?), I replied, “Behind my TV.”

“Okay!” my roommate replied cheerfully. “Mind if I use it?”

Wide-eyed, I watched as she took out my vacuum cleaner and gave the thing a go, picking up all the crumbs off the floor, before neatly putting it back where I’d stored it.

Man Flags Down Bus with Plate of Food

Walking back from dinner with my friend, we passed by the bus stop near our dorm. The bus driver has already taken his foot off the brake and was heading for his next stop when an older man suddenly yelled, “Hey, wait! Wait!” He caught up to the door of the bus and began waving about a foil-covered plate of food at the driver. If I’m right, he was attempting to trade his leftovers for a bus ride.

No idea if it actually worked. I didn’t stay to watch.

Nerd Guy Spotted Outside of Cafeteria

First, some backstory on who Nerd Guy (and yes, we call him this in real life) is.

My Minnesotan redhead friend told us last semester about this somewhat dorky but cute guy she’d seen in her dorm building. The way she set it up, I’m pretty sure we were all expecting a nerd on the, “I’m actually just Joseph Gordon-Levitt with some glasses, not actually a nerd whatsoever,” level.

You know?

But we never actually saw him, until one day…

“There he is!” she squealed while we were at dinner.

We all looked around for this guy. “Um, where?” someone asked.


Nerd Guy, as it turns out, was not a handsome bookworm as we expected. Rather, he was a skinny guy with greasy black hair who looked like he hadn’t bathed in days, wearing a holey gray college hoodie and ashen jeans that gave the impression that he hadn’t done laundry in weeks, sitting all alone in the corner of the dining hall. Sometimes, you can fake a smile, nod encouragingly, and say, “Yeah, I guess he’s sorta cute if you squint really hard and tilt your head to the left…” But this was no foul ball we could just shrug and let slide. We were actually a little horrified.

Anyway, none of us had ever seen Nerd Guy accompanied by any other people, and none of us had ever seen him anywhere on campus other than that dining hall where we first spotted him (seriously, he eats nowhere else) and his dorm building. We were starting to believe that he didn’t actually go to class here and was actually just a homeless guy that was scamming his way into some free room and board.

It, therefore, came as a great shock when my friend and I, on our way to our 2pm class, saw Nerd Guy walking out of the library and into the quad. We screamed. No, literally. We turned and looked at each other and screamed, not really knowing how else we should react.

We are subtle, discreet young women.

And that’s my Tuesday for ya! Cheers.


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