Blogger’s Block

I have absolutely nothing to write about today.

It’s not that I haven’t tried. I’ve actually sat down with my laptop several times over the past 48 hours trying to come up at least a single blog post, and yet, nothing comes forth. I’ll put forth a title, begin to type a few sentences, and then realize that I have nothing of merit to say, or that I don’t want to continue with the post. Here are all the post titles that I’ve actually come up with in the past day or so, but that I haven’t been able to flesh out into a full post:

  • Train Rides and Why Prisons Fascinate Me
  • Greek Yogurt Sucks
  • My Fascination with Abandoned Buildings
  • Things I Would Put on My Resume (That I Can’t)
  • Stephen King Sold His Soul, I Know It
  • The Novel Waiting to Happen? (2)
  • Things I Would Do Had I Won the Mega Millions
  • My Kindergarten Boyfriend
  • Africa is Not a Country
  • Why I Want to Write Bad Chick Lit
  • Pictures of My Latest Bioré Pore Strip (just kidding. Sort of. I don’t know.)

If you do a Google Image search for Biore Pore Strips, you'll find that other people have kindly posted their own pore strip results on the web. It was a bit icky, to say the least.

Don’t they just sound intriguing? Aren’t you just dying to know why I think Stephen King made a sketchy deal with a crossroads demon, or perhaps interested in my opinion on Greek yogurt? Don’t you want to see how many blackheads my Bioré strip ripped out?! (The answer: No, you don’t. That would be really weird. Please don’t ask me about my facial cleansing habits ever again.)

So, I have ideas in my head about what to write about, but I suppose I’m lacking the motivation to actually put the forth.

How about… you, fair reader, tell me what to write!

I already have ten options aforementioned to choose from. If any of those post titles sounded particularly interesting to you, you can request that I write it. If enough people ask me (by enough I mean, if even one person wholeheartedly asks for one of those posts, though ideally I’d prefer a wider range of people), then I’ll force myself to sit down and hack it out.

(Look, guys, I made a cool poll. Please use my poll. Pretty please.)



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