So, This is Facebook?

Well, ladies and gents, today is Easter, which means I have access to my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr again. Was it all I thought it would be?

Nope. It was actually very anticlimactic.I was received with a lot of “You’re back!” messages on all my outlets, which was cool; it’s a nice feeling, being missed. But once I answered those, I was bored in an instant; there was nothing there to see… or rather, nothing I actually cared about. Before I knew it, I was back to doing what I’ve done all of Lent: reading WordPress blog posts and news articles, with the occasional five-minute venture onto StumbleUpon. Facebook just wasn’t as interesting anymore.

Thinking about it, Facebook only ever took up all my time because I would scroll through the pages, waiting for something to happen. Nothing really does. Rather than keeping my account logged in, I’ve decided to have notifications emailed to me, separated into a special Facebook folder. That way, rather than constantly checking Facebook to see if something’s happened, I’ll now only check my email once a day or so. If there’s an email in my Facebook folder, it means something of interest has happened, and I can follow up on it. If it’s empty, then there’s no point in logging in.

Pretty good plan, no?


4 thoughts on “So, This is Facebook?

  1. I do the same thing–watch and wait for something to happen, somehow it is addicting though. I do the same thing on Words with Friends, I leave it up so that the moment it says “Your Move” I can make my move!

    I have a lot of the lists that I am on go directly into folders, but then I never read them and it feels pointless to be on the lists, but I can’t bear to remove myself from any of them!

  2. Great plan! I agree. I took a three week trip out of the country two years ago and I couldn’t use the internet. When I came home I had no desire to be on Facebook or anything really.The older I get and less time I get on, the more I don’t like Facebook.

    • Exactly! Once you spend a good amount of time away from it, it just stops being appealing. I just check on it when someone actually talks to me or if I want to share something, but I don’t really see the fun in looking through people’s photos or mindlessly scrolling through my News Feed anymore.

      • It’s boring and I don’t care to see pictures from everyone else’s every second of their life. This is probably why I never got into Twitter either…but not to sound creepy but I have read through some of your older posts and I very much like your blog! Cheers to college bloggers, haha.

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