My Lazy Relationship with Music

“I couldn’t sleep last night,” I once told my friends. “My floormates were being loud.”

“Why didn’t you put in your headphones?” one asked.

“Because my phone was charging on the other side of the room, so I couldn’t listen to music.”

“What about your iPod?”

“What iPod?” I asked. “Have you ever once seen me with one? I don’t own an iPod.”

“So where do you keep all your music?” another friend asked.

“What music?” I asked. “I don’t have a big collection; everything was on my old computer. I just use Pandora.”

I got many strange looks as a result.I love music. I’m listening to it every spare moment I get. But it’s true, I’ve never been much of a music collector. Even if I love an entire album (ie, anything from OK Go or Maroon 5) I just won’t get around to buying it. When I like a song, I’ll just look it up on YouTube (or now I’ll find it on Spotify). When I’m on the go, I just use my Pandora App on my phone. It’s worked out pretty well for me, but in a way, being in college and seeing all my friends with their extensive song libraries makes me want to have one of my own.

I suppose I could start by ripping all my CDs (which, as it were, is the entire Beatles collection and not much else) back into iTunes. I’ve also gotten into the habit of downloading any and every free track offered from Starbucks or Google Play, which has led me to discover some cool stuff. And maybe I can just lift some music from my willing friends… (hint hint).

Also, if anyone has some of these babies lying around, I'll take them. Seriously. Give me your gift cards.

But yes, I must admit that it’s a little paradoxical, the fact that I adore music but don’t actually own much of it. It’s also a bit strange that I don’t attend as many concerts as I should. But that’s changing! I’ve got tickets to Florence + the Machine, followed by Death Cab for Cutie, plus a free ticket to Summerfest I scored, and finally, my friend and I are getting tickets to Team Starkid‘s new tour. And if OK Go ever decides to tour around here again, I’m going, even if I have to go alone. (I’ve missed four of their concerts in the past two years because no one would go with me! No more, man.)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a whole list of songs to download and some playlists to make…


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