My (Two) Useless Majors

If you want a really strange, gurgly feeling in your stomach, I suggest you do this: drink a 16oz cup of coffee with some half-and-half and two packets of Splenda, follow it with two sips of your friend’s Mountain Dew Voltage, and chase it all down with about 12 ounces of Mountain Dew Code Red.

I don’t feel sick or anything, but my stomach just keeps rumbling. It’s weird. I hope it stops soon, or philosophy class is going to be an awkward seventy-five minutes.

Have I got your attention now? Good. Let’s move onto something completely unrelated to my stomach.

Yesterday, I found this gem of an article listing the 13 most useless majors. Can you guess what I found on that list? Was it…

a) One of my two majors?

b) Both of my majors?

c) Both of my majors and my minor?

Yup. If you guessed C, you were right! All three of the areas I’m studying in are “useless,” coming in at #6 (my theology minor), #12 (my history major), and #13 (my political science major).

As I walked to lunch from class today, I crossed paths with nursing student, all decked out in her university-issued scrubs. I’ve never considered any form of medicine as a career–it just isn’t my thing–but I do feel a slight pang of jealousy when I see these students in their scrubs, knowing that they’re going to enter some of the most useful and helpful professions in the workforce, and that they actually have a job they’re working towards. Me? I’m just a small girl with her head buried in history books, pursuing majors that make most people ask, “So, what do you do with that?” I can certainly see why my majors could be–rather, are seen–as useless.

And I know, law is just as serviceable as medicine, but the thing is, I’m not in law school at the moment (much less am I a lawyer yet) and I won’t be there until I get there (a little Berra-esque wisdom there for ya). So, until then, I get to bite my nails and hope that all the hours of forsaken sleep are actually going to mean something down the road.

Not the happiest blog post, I know, but I suppose I can’t help it–it can be stressful, trying to figure out what to do with my life and hoping that that which makes me happy can also help me pay the bills.



6 thoughts on “My (Two) Useless Majors

  1. That article is bogus. I’m a journalism major (graduating in 3 weeks!) and I know my major is good. Ninety percent of last year’s graduates are employed. More than that, journalism is more than just newspapers and T.V. news. There’s independent journalism, non-profit journalism, public relations and human resource jobs where journalism majors can work.

    If it’s off base for my major it’s possible it’s off for yours too. Just make sure you have the communication and problem solving skills to make it in the real world and you’ll be fine.

    • That’s really nice to hear! I’m a journalism and political science double major. All the time I hear people tell me how unpractical they are. Well, boo-hiss. Do what you love. C’est la vie. There are so many things you can branch into with a liberal arts degree that you can’t do with a pigeon-holed specific medicine degree like Bio or Chem. It’s all going to work out:)

      • My second major is international studies, which is very simular to political science. No one goes into this profession looking to be rich. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Making 50,000 dollars a year with only a seven percent chance of unemployment sounds like pretty good odds to me.

        I took a series of leadership classes aimed at preparing students for future careers. We would often go through a list of the top skills employers desired and saw lacking in their workforce. One skill always in the top three is communication skills and writing ability. Yeah, I think there is plenty of space for our kind,

    • Right? They tell you to get a degree and make a life for yourself, and then proceed to tell you that your degree is useless.


  2. The skills you learn getting your degree – critical thinking, researching, drawing sensible conclusions, conveying those conclusions sensibly… among many – are pretty much the most important part.

    What I do now is entirely not what I have a degree in, but I use the general skills it gave me all the time. Don’t get too stressed about ‘usefulness’ – education is always useful, even if it sometimes takes a while to work out how you can use it.

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