Enter Summer 2012

The dynamic of this Starbucks is incredibly different. Rather than hungrily hawking out tables close to outlets and attempting to squeeze all my books and my laptop onto dinky, rickety tables, I scored a large table in a matter of seconds, and within a few minutes of my arrival, the entire seating area was cleared. I could sit anywhere. Rather than rubbing elbows with students, suits, and babbling homeless men with just enough coins for a red-eye, I’ve been watching as middle-aged soccer moms and elderly men with tennis-bell-bedecked walkers quietly order their venti, non-whip, nonfat, quad-shot vanilla lattes. Even the walk here was vastly different: there were no screaming nuts standing at bus stops on my journey here, no sketchy looking figures eyeing me and trying to deduce how much money was in my pocket. In fact, there was almost no one on the sidewalk but little ol’ me.

I’m not at school anymore. I’m home.My freshman year of college has come to an end. My brain still can’t wrap itself around the fact that I’ve successfully completed an entire year of higher education, nor does it understand that I won’t be on campus–and, as a result, I may not see my dear college friends–for over a hundred days.

But it’s relieving, nonetheless, to be home. The weather is nice, the atmosphere is quiet, and god bless it, I have no classes to attend and no homework to complete. Come Tuesday, I’ll find out my final grades for the semester; I’m nearly positive I’ve pulled myself out of academic probation once and for all, but until I receive the news, I won’t celebrate just yet.

I was hoping to find a job this summer, but as of yet, no one has called me back. I don’t know what I’m going to do without a paycheck anymore…

Ah well. Here’s to a good summer nonetheless. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Enter Summer 2012

    • It still hasn’t hit me yet, probably since I still feel like this is nothing more than an extended weekend. Soon, though…

  1. Great post! I hope you find a job you like. I got a great one at a real estate office. Reception work is easy ask around or just go through local papers!

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