Sophomore Year: Night One

World, The Undergrad is back on campus! This is my very first blog post from my new dorm room, and I’ll admit, it feels a bit surreal, especially since my roommate this year is one of my own friends and not a random stranger. I feel more at home now than I ever really did then, to be honest.

There’s no orientation to welcome us back, which feels strange. It’s just moving into the dorms, settling in and seeing our friends, and then bam, back to class on Monday. It’s a very sudden change from sitting on my sofa at home to being an active, working college student again.

Speaking of working… I got the job!! I was worried that I wouldn’t get called back, but on Friday I got an email from my interviewer saying they were very impressed with my presentation and wanted to offer me a position. I also start that on Monday–in fact, I go to work before I go to class. Interesting way to start the year, certainly.

Writing this blog post is also a little odd because one of my readers is sitting right behind me. Yup. My new roommate has been reading my blog since last year. It feels strange.

I should be able to update every other day, if not more. I’m sure my roommate will keep me  accountable as well. Maybe I should go to bed now… but I can’t. Wide awake. Too excited.


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