I’m the kind of girl who could spend hours upon hours sitting in a coffeeshop simply watching the world go by. I may seem incredibly timid and silent on the outside, but on the inside, my mind is constantly running with ideas and observations about the world around me.

This blog will focus mostly on my time here in college; I’ll cover subjects such as my classes, my life in the dorms, the crazy homeless people I walk past (no, really), and anything else I find interesting in my day-to-day life. The way I see it, any ordinary day can become a really great story if you know how to frame it right.

This is actually what I look like. No, really. It is.

For several reasons, I want to remain as anonymous as possible. A few facts about me: I’m female, currently a second semester freshman (though academically I’m a sophomore, hem-hem) at a four-year university, and a history major. I live in a dormitory and live off chicken tenders and pasta (seriously). Also, I really like parentheses, and you’re going to see them sprinkled all over my blog.

Over time, on request, and when I publish my bestselling book based on my blog and fans are pleading to know my true identity (wishful thinking), I might disclose a bit more information as needed. Until then, just keep the above image in your head. Including the daisy frame. Never leave out the daisy frame.

Cheers, and happy reading!


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