Job Interview Today… aaaack!

Well, ladies and gents, I have a job interview.

Oh my goodness!

After months of unemployment, I might finally be striking gold! I switched from applying to jobs around my hometown to seeking out campus jobs; I was nearly certain I was going to get one when I got the “Sorry, but no,” email a few days later. Others didn’t even bother responding to my inquiries. But finally, finally, I’m getting closer to having work again!

The job I’m applying for is student assistant with my school’s study abroad office. The job description includes clerical work, data entry, answering phones, et cetera. Nothing too difficult, and definitely a change of pace for me–no more fast food! A nice, cushy office instead! I CAN WEAR BUSINESS ATTIRE ONCE MORE!! (Not to mention, the building I’d be working in is right next to my dorm, which will be perfect for those cold winter days that soon approach.)

I’m a little excited, but alas, I’m mostly nervous at this point. My job interview is at 4pm today, and I need to ace that if I want to secure this job. I know all the basics: firm handshake, eye contact, smile, no stutters… even so, I feel ready to throw up from the anxiety right now. What if I majorly mess up? What if they don’t like me?

All the same, I’m hoping for the best. I can be pretty charming when I really put myself to it.

I’ll keep you updated on this new development. Let’s hope the outcome is a good one!


So, I wanna be a bartender.

I’m 19-and-a-half years old (and yes, I still keep track of the halves, mmkay? :)), meaning I’m eligible to work as a bartender both in my home state and the state I go to school in. I’ve researched both and I’ve generally figured out how to get my bartending licenses in both states, but what I don’t know is how I’m supposed to learn how to… well, bartend. Someone somewhere has to teach me how to actually mix together the right liquids and put them in the right glass, no? Continue reading

Quick Updates

  • I’m still here. Still alive. Still kicking. Bored out of my mind, but here.
  • I applied to dozens of places, looking for summer work. No one hired me. Ah well.
  • I’m thinking of studying in London during one semester of my junior year. This means I have to work extra hard this upcoming year to boost my GPA so I can get into the better of the three available schools. More on that at a different time.
  • I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower. As I read it, I was enthralled, but when I finished it, I realized I didn’t really like it as much as I thought I would. Maybe it’s better suited for younger teens and I’m just too old and jaded for that. The playlist Charlie gives in the book is quite nice, however. 
  • On a related note, I’m planning on watching the film adaptation of Perks because it’s a pretty well-known fact that I have a massive girl-crush on Emma Watson. (And Kate Middleton, but that’s a different story.)
  • I’m now attempting to read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. I’ve never encountered a book I had difficulty reading… until now. Onward.
  • I HAVE TANLINES! Thank goodness. 😀 If nothing else comes from this summer, I’ll at least be nice and brown come my return to school in August.
It makes me a little sad that I’ve left this blog inactive for such an extended period of time, so if anyone has any ideas of something I could blog about, please let me know!

Since no one wants to employ me…

Every summer as a kid, I would spend my days reading–no, consuming–books. That probably explains why I’m so incredibly nonathletic and somewhat squishy, but that’s beside the point. I loved reading, and my mental arsenal of great literature was greater than that of my peers. It was a nice feeling to have.

Since I was sixteen, however, I spent my summers working nearly full-time, and I grew too busy and tired to even crack open a simple magazine. My passion for books came to a halt.

Now I’m home from college and unemployed. (My job sucked. I quit. Moving on.) I’ve applied to over a dozen places but no one has called me back, which I admit is a little disheartening, but at the same time, I’m starting to embrace it. Maybe I can spend this summer relaxing for once, something I haven’t done in quite a long time. My tax return came in the mail, so I have enough money to hold me over for the summer, and I plan to get a job in the fall when I’m back on campus.

I think I’m going to read for fun again. I’m not yet sure what I want on my summer reading list, however. Continue reading

Enter Summer 2012

The dynamic of this Starbucks is incredibly different. Rather than hungrily hawking out tables close to outlets and attempting to squeeze all my books and my laptop onto dinky, rickety tables, I scored a large table in a matter of seconds, and within a few minutes of my arrival, the entire seating area was cleared. I could sit anywhere. Rather than rubbing elbows with students, suits, and babbling homeless men with just enough coins for a red-eye, I’ve been watching as middle-aged soccer moms and elderly men with tennis-bell-bedecked walkers quietly order their venti, non-whip, nonfat, quad-shot vanilla lattes. Even the walk here was vastly different: there were no screaming nuts standing at bus stops on my journey here, no sketchy looking figures eyeing me and trying to deduce how much money was in my pocket. In fact, there was almost no one on the sidewalk but little ol’ me.

I’m not at school anymore. I’m home. Continue reading

My (Two) Useless Majors

If you want a really strange, gurgly feeling in your stomach, I suggest you do this: drink a 16oz cup of coffee with some half-and-half and two packets of Splenda, follow it with two sips of your friend’s Mountain Dew Voltage, and chase it all down with about 12 ounces of Mountain Dew Code Red.

I don’t feel sick or anything, but my stomach just keeps rumbling. It’s weird. I hope it stops soon, or philosophy class is going to be an awkward seventy-five minutes. Continue reading

Freshman Mistakes

It’s hard to believe, but my freshman year of college is coming to an end; on May 10th, I’ll be heading home for the summer, and exiting my dorm for the final time. It’s a little bittersweet, but at the same time, I can’t wait to start my sophomore year. While this year was really amazing, I could use a fresh start in a few aspects, and the fall of 2012 is the time to do it.

Everyone is going to make mistakes when they arrive at college, but hopefully my list can help any incoming freshman out there take note of what (not) to do when they get here! Continue reading