So, I wanna be a bartender.

I’m 19-and-a-half years old (and yes, I still keep track of the halves, mmkay? :)), meaning I’m eligible to work as a bartender both in my home state and the state I go to school in. I’ve researched both and I’ve generally figured out how to get my bartending licenses in both states, but what I don’t know is how I’m supposed to learn how to… well, bartend. Someone somewhere has to teach me how to actually mix together the right liquids and put them in the right glass, no? Continue reading


Enter Summer 2012

The dynamic of this Starbucks is incredibly different. Rather than hungrily hawking out tables close to outlets and attempting to squeeze all my books and my laptop onto dinky, rickety tables, I scored a large table in a matter of seconds, and within a few minutes of my arrival, the entire seating area was cleared. I could sit anywhere. Rather than rubbing elbows with students, suits, and babbling homeless men with just enough coins for a red-eye, I’ve been watching as middle-aged soccer moms and elderly men with tennis-bell-bedecked walkers quietly order their venti, non-whip, nonfat, quad-shot vanilla lattes. Even the walk here was vastly different: there were no screaming nuts standing at bus stops on my journey here, no sketchy looking figures eyeing me and trying to deduce how much money was in my pocket. In fact, there was almost no one on the sidewalk but little ol’ me.

I’m not at school anymore. I’m home. Continue reading

My Logic Prof Wears Jeans and Other Tuesday Anomalies

My Logic Professor Wears Jeans

I don’t really know what I was expecting in that department; after all, he’s also a grad student here at my school, and can’t be older than 25, I’d say. All the same, it was startling to run into him on my way back to my dorm from class and find him wearing jeans and sneakers and toting about a backpack. For a moment, I think, I regressed to my five-year-old self that believed teachers lived in the school and didn’t walk out into the real world. Somehow, I just always pictured my professor as, well, a dressed-up college professor, not your average twenty-something guy walking through a college campus wearing denim. Continue reading

North Side Dinner

Note: I just realized I forgot to post this last night; I came back to my room to fold my laundry, and then I just sort of went off and did other stuff. Either way, here’s this post.

I’ve come to realize that I blog better while doing laundry; this is the third post I’ve composed sitting beside some churning washing machines. I know, you’re probably wondering why I’m doing laundry on a Friday night. Fear not! I actually did some cool stuff today! Also, half my building is out on the town getting their drink on (illegally), so the washers are all free. I’m pouncing on that. Continue reading

Things I Forgot to Mention: Sushi!

Sometimes, I sit at my computer, attempting to write a blog post before I realize my life is boring and nothing happens. Other times, I sit at my computer and realize, I forgot to blog about this! Welcome, then, to my short series of blog posts in which I write about things that happened to me over the course of the week that I didn’t mention.


I tried actual sushi for the first time! I’ve had the simple stuff like California rolls before, but this time, I went out with a couple of friends (and non-friends…) to this award winning sushi place in the city, and I got the real deal!

My friends and I didn’t plan this outing; instead, it was one of my friends’ floormates, and for some odd reason, he had us go around 3pm. Being an off-peak dining hour, the place was empty, and we became its only occupants. Being a large group of teens, the manager changed the music from classy jazz piano (which, may I add, we were all jamming to anyway) to what sounded like an uncensored club mix of Top 40s music. A bit bizarre, to say the least, especially when the unedited version of Enrique Iglesias’ “Tonight I’m F***in’ You” came on and we all were startled by the loud, unmuted usage of the f-bomb.

The others chose the sushi, as I had no idea what to pick. Of what I remember, we got California rolls, Philadelphia rolls, and Las Vegas Maki. I ended up trying one of everything, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least. Sushi, my friends, is good.

All in all, I learned that I cannot use chopsticks (and may never learn), I probably don’t know how to eat sushi properly (can I pick it up? Do I bite it or try to fit the whole thing in my mouth?) and that trying new things is completely worth it. I also admit that, since that day, I’ve been craving some more sushi…