The Undergrad is Back!

Hello! I’m alive!

After a long summer hiatus, I’ve decided it’s time to return to my dear old blog, especially now that there are exactly two weeks between me and my second move-in day. Eep!

Admittedly, I’m far less stressed out this year about packing and moving in then I was last year. For starters, my roommate this year is one of my best friends, so I’m not worried about the notion of sharing a room with a complete stranger. As a benefit, also, we’ve actually been keeping in touch about who’s bringing what to the room  (as opposed to last year when I would try to coordinate with my roommate and she would generally respond with, “I don’t know” or “Whatever you like!”).

I also am not running around trying to fulfill every bullet point on those college checklists you get at the store. Experience tells me I don’t need a full set of silverware or a bulk pack of lightbulbs. I think I can survive easily with much of the stuff I already had last year.

There’s a new kind of excitement that precedes me this year. I won’t have to find my way around campus or go through those orientation week group discussions about life or attempt to make friends and hope they stick. I’m coming back to an established group of friends and, let’s be honest, to my second home.

What a nice feeling.



No, I’m not on a caffeine rage. (Did I even have any coffee today, now that I think of it? No, I don’t think so.) But as I begin to write this, I’m five minutes away from being able to register for summer school classes. I also spent the day building my tentative schedule for the fall semester, even though I can’t register for those classes until April 11.

Let me just note, my tentative fall schedule is maxed out (18 credits) and the layout is pretty intense: four 75 minute classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays spanning from roughly 9:30am to 3:30pm (with some breaks in between), two 75 minute classes on Mondays and Wednesdays (2pm-4:45pm), and a 50 minute discussion section at 8am on Fridays.

I interrupt my own blog post to inform you that I just registered for my summer courses!

I blocked out my profs' names and whatnot, but I'm sure the color blocks can give you an idea of what my day will (hopefully) look like next semester.

Not a bad schedule, one would say, as I start off my Mondays and Wednesdays way after lunch. But wait! I’m considering getting a job, too! Continue reading